Alexander Maasik

Marketing. Leadership. Writing.

Hi, I’m Alexander. 

I’ve been writing, talking, and speaking about team management, leadership, OKR goal setting and internal communications for more than 6 years. 

I feel at home in both marketing and communications and know how to help leaders get better results. 

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Books by Alexander Maasik:

Objectives and Key Results: the Book

"Objectives and Key Results: The Book” is an advanced guide to getting started with OKRs. 

By following the guidance in this book, you’ll increase your chances of successfully implementing OKRs and give your company the push it needs to grow.

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Step by Step Guide to OKRs

Most important aspect of running a successful business is setting the right goals and executing them well.

This “Step by Step Guide to OKRs” is a practical guide to goal setting that offers concrete examples to help you start setting impactful and meaningful goals. This book teaches you how to manage a team better and create a feeling of success.

Read the book. 

Leader's Guide: Building High-Performing Teams

At first glance leadership seems like magic. There seem to be so many unknowns. Some say it's more like art than science. That's not true.

What many people don't know is that a lot of magic is based on rules. There are best practices, common procedures to follow, acts that everyone replicates and processes every magician knows. You can see those acts and processes in here.

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